NEBG Formation Flying

NEBG Formation Flying

By the very nature of the activity, formation flying requires a great deal of discipline, skill, and hours of practice. Pilots take great pride in gaining the knowledge and skill necessary to cause an aircraft to leave the ground and return again safely, but few have the additional ability to do so in close proximity of another aircraft. This ability comes from months and even years of personal sacrifice, along with hours of practice. Though extremely few people are pilots, even fewer pilots take the extra step to learn the skills necessary to fly in formation with other aircraft.

Formation flying developed in World War I, when fighter aircraft escorted reconnaissance aircraft over enemy territory. Fighter squadrons soon discovered that fighting in pairs reduced their losses and increased their victories. From those humble, necessary beginnings, formation flying has become one of the most sought after skills among both military and civilian pilots. Displays of these skills are often only witnessed at air shows, and very few experience the actual activity from inside the cockpit.
The North East Bonanza Group, in cooperation with the Bonanzas To Oshkosh group, have developed a formation flying training program. This program, led by seasoned civilian and former military formation pilots and instructors, guide the NEBG members through both basic and advanced formation techniques.

Learn And Fly With Us

The North East Bonanza Group formation flying instruction and activity is based around a method developed and used in today's military. Whether a pilot has never flown formation, or has years of experience, the NEBG formation flying program has something for everyone.

Beginning with a comprehensive ground school, pilots learn the basics of sharing air space with another aircraft. Following ground school, the pilot engages in two ship formation flying, where he puts into practice that which he learned on the ground. Upon successful demonstration of two ship formation flying, the pilot graduates through multi-ship formation flight and the ever coveted lead ship position qualifications.

Safety is priority #1 within the NEBG formation flying community. All activities are planned, briefed and executed with the utmost care and precision. Pilots who learn and fly within the NEBG formation flying community can be assured that the safety and satisfaction of everyone involved is foremost.
If you have ever wondered what it is like to fly in formation, the NEBG is the best place to find out! Join the North East Bonanza Group today and sign up for the next NEBG Formation Flying activity!

NEBG Formation Flying Program Coordinators

Mr. Lee Rousselle

Mr. Thomas Toth Sr.

Mr. Michael Turner

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